What Are Your Human Design Channel Dynamics?

What Are Your Human Design Channel Dynamics?

Channels Types

Did you know that the channels in Human Design each have their own ‘type’? Each channel has a life of its own, living out its own rules.

There are even ‘reflector channels’ which are where you have no definition (all white) and these are the most tempting for the Not-Self to go! Also where you can be deeply disappointed.

If you do not have the whole channel, meaning you just have one side, one active (or dormant) gate, your being is always longing for the other side of the channel…

For example, if you only have the 48 and not the 16…


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the 48 is the gate of depth and the 16 is skills together they create the channel of talent,

if you only had the 48 (depth) you may spend your whole life developing skills (16) rather than waiting for the person with the 16 to show up in your life… vice versa is true

If you had the 16 but not the 48 you may spend a great deal of your life amassing a lot of information (trying to get the depth) rather than waiting (being yourself) for the 48 to show up in your life.

The Channels that we have defined (our definition) does not have this longing… Most of the times we are not even aware of its function or that it is there at all.

Remember, even if you are a generator, if you have projected channels, they need to be recognized/invited … and as you can see by the picture below, most channels are projected… The projector energy carries the theme of bitterness…
over a lifetime of not waiting for recognition/invitation, these energies carry the bitterness and can be where we are passive aggressive towards others.

What type of channels do you have in your chart? Do you know how they function? Where are the most conditioned areas in your chart? This is how we see the great dilemmas and points of suffering in our lives…

Again, the fix is to follow your strategy and authority first and foremost… From there, learning about your definition will help refine how you enter with your geometry.

Coming back into yourself is the greatest gift!

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