Venus Retrograde 2018 – The Ascension of Desire (decent into the shadows)


Venus Retrograde 2018 -- The Ascension of Desire

Its time for the Phoenix

Venus retrograde is a 40 day and night period where the planet Venus appears to be going backwards from our point of view here on earth.  This year it will start October 5th 2018 and go tell November 15th 2018.

We can find threads of this archetypal inner journey into our subconscious in stories such as Jesus’s 40 days and nights in the desert being tempted by Lucifer, or Innana’s decent into the underworld, or even the African stories of Oshun.

The first half of Venus retrograde is known as the dark or shadow phase. This is where we (Innana, Jesus, etc) descend into the underworlds of our subconscious. Many things come up for review, reprogramming or revision.

Inanna-Ishtar’s most famous myth is the story of her descent into and return from Kur, the ancient Sumerian Underworld, a myth in which she attempts to conquer the domain of her older sister Ereshkigal, the queen of the Underworld, but is instead deemed guilty of hubris by the seven judges of the Underworld and struck dead. Three days later, Ninshubur pleads with all the gods to bring Inanna back, but all of them refuse her except Enki, who sends two sexless beings to rescue Inanna. They escort Inanna out of the Underworld, but the galla, the guardians of the Underworld, drag her husband Dumuzid down to the Underworld as her replacement. Dumuzid is eventually permitted to return to heaven for half the year while his sister Geshtinanna remains in the Underworld for the other half, resulting in the cycle of the seasons.

There is so much contained in these stories of the internal processes, mutations and cycles we all go through during these astrological periods. Innaana has always been synonymous with desire, the force of creation is self, that which allows life to exist.  Enki is her masculine counterpart the masculine “Christos”.  Due to programming, trauma, and societies conditioning’s we all disconnect from the desires of our Soul, our authentic being, and our bodies. Our bodies are the physical manifestation of the pentagram symbol of Venus, the pattern at the heart of all life giving it beauty.

As we disconnect from our true self, we “descend into the underworld” , leaving aspects of our wholeness behind. Enki is our own compassionate heart that seeks to “save our souls” by going within to reprogram these emotional traumas and wounds, reconnecting with our inner authority, our body consciousness, and ultimately our authentic nature.


Venus Retrograde 2018

The path Venus takes around the Sun, ascending and descending towards the light, creating the beauty of life.

Rising from the ashes

Inanna and Enki (ETCSL t.1.3.1) is a lengthy poem written in Sumerian, which may date to the Third Dynasty of Ur;[121] it tells the story of how Inanna stole the sacred mes from Enki, the god of water and human culture.[122] In ancient Sumerian mythology, the mes were sacred powers or properties belonging the gods that allowed human civilization to exist.[123] Each me embodied one specific aspect of human culture.[123] These aspects were very diverse and the meslisted in the poem include abstract concepts such as TruthVictory, and Counsel, technologies such as writing and weaving, and also social constructs such as law, priestly offices, kingship, and prostitution. The mes were believed to grant power over all the aspects of civilization, both positive and negative.[122]

The MES are the archetypal light codes that concern our DNA coding, our true powers and gifts that have been hidden behind these traumas, programs, and societies homogenization. “Stolen” by the desires of our wounded false personality, disconnected from our real power which is rooted in this same desire that can be awakened and transformed by going within and turning our inner shadows into our greatest gifts.

This Venus retrograde may be one for the books. I know what may of you may be thinking….more shadow work? Especially for those that have been on this path since 2012 , we can liken this to scraping the last bits off the bottom of the pan for cleaning.

Venus will be retrograding mostly in the water sign Scorpio, the sign of transformation it-self. Get ready to turn on the faucets! Work within this sign is something many of us are all too familiar with at this point. Governing death, the occult, sex, the taboo, power on a mundane level. While internally the upper half of this sign rules self empowerment and higher perspectives, while the lower half rules manipulating others or the environment out of fear of being taken advantage of.


While Venus can be seen as governing what we find beautiful, valuable, how and where we get connection, how we reach out to others, what we want in our relationships, our views and relationships to money, physical material goods, how we feel about and connect with our bodies, the feminine, the reflection of our shadows and the reflection of our past present and future selves through the mirror of the other.

Venus will make many important aspects this retrograde, and also move through many important codes. Of in particular importance from our perspective the 44th code, this code allows to travel back within the the original “source codes” of DNA itself, allowing the reprogramming of any and all patterns that may not serve us at this time.

Don’t worry though, if you watch the video you will find out that in the end after we descend into our underworlds, depending on the effort we put into this inner transformation, we will rise into the Phoenix of Lucifer, bringing the “light” back into our worlds as a more sovereign, aligned and authentic self.  Just in time for the great benefice Jupiter to return to its home sign of Sagittarius, bringing many gifts into the month of November.

Check out the video for the full report.


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