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Unveiling Immersion Registration Answers Are Held In Confidence

Applying for Soul Actualization Consulting
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      It is our desire to provide this information to as many people as we can.  We know how powerful it is for each one of you and the people you are around to wake up to your unique blueprint.   Being coaches and having designed programs in the past there has always been a set financial obligation or agreement.  Moving forward we are dedicated to shifting the entire framework of our society and that is also in how we are sharing our gifts and wisdom and the monetary attachment to those.   This class that we have designed is easily a college level class and could be worth several thousand dollars for the time, years of gathering information and wisdom that we have and continue to pour into it.  It is our desire to honor all that has and is going into the class by allowing you to choose your fee for this class.  You see, each person has a different value that they will place upon the wisdom that they are receiving, and because of that we want you to choose an amount that feels right to you based on: Your financial means Your anticipation of value Similar courses on the market What represents a gesture of commitment Your desire to support our continued work If your financial means are limited, then you can choose a token amount or even zero. That makes the course accessible to everyone. In case you feel uncomfortable about paying zero, I want you to know that we hold no negative judgement about that. We welcome everyone regardless of ability to pay. Regardless of the amount you choose, you will have the same privileges and access to content as everyone else.  We know what it’s like to want so bad to have access to certain classes and coaches and either not being able to financially do it and/or going into debt for it.   We want this class to be accessible to anyone desiring to know this information. We just ask that whatever you choose for your class fee that you are consciously choosing it based on these factors.
  • **What is the right amount for you?  We suggest something that represents a commitment to fully engaging in this course. Or you might have an amount in mind that feels right to you: fair, clean, and honest. If later on you discover that you paid too much or too little, you can adjust it at any time, to an amount that is level with your feeling of gratitude, and desire to support us to make more learning content in the future. Sincerely, Erin, Danielle and Thomas

    Contemplating Your Course Fee:

    Consider the cost of similar months-long online programs, with an online community, live classes and interaction.   Consider your desire to support this work and have ongoing access to it. Finally, balance those considerations with true respect for your financial means.  
    Choose an amount that feels good, clear, and right.
  • This is kept in strict confidence and never shared outside our organization. This is used to finalize and confirm your application.