Tribal and Family Alchemy – Soul Mechanics Podcast Episode No. 6

Equality in sexes, races, relationships, religions… Do you finnd your self no longer resonating with traditional rules in these areas? Relationships with those close to us are shifting! How can we get through it all?

As the global mutation quickens, the dynamics of relationships between the individual, the tribe, and the family are heating up and going through major changes. The alchemy we go through with those close to us is some of the most powerful of all. Aion and Sophia discuss the some of these mechanics and what we can do to bring more harmony in and become more authentic…

Discover the secrets of your soul that are coded in your DNA, and the inner arts to dive deep into the shadows to retrieve your unique inner genius. We share tools to fulfill your Soul’s purpose and live fully and authentically. We synthesize esoteric systems of the ancients with modern sciences. Sharing practical tools to thrive in prosperity doing what you love. We will explore the wisdom of plants, stars and much more. Learn the Languages of nature and the cosmos applied in practical ways for the journey of self and soul actualization. Our goal is to guide you back to your own radical self acceptance so that you can embrace your right as a sovereign co-creator


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