TIPS ON EXITING RELATIONSHIPS ( Human Design and Soul Mapping )


Leaving relationships correctly is just as important as entering correctly.

Especially as a Generator, when they leave they do not blame anyone or carry any guilt. (IF in alignment)

If they go in as a response, they will leave correctly.

Majority of relationships are entered from our NotSelf and we don’t know how to properly handle it.

Tension builds, genetic incompatibilities reveal themselves thru the disconnection and many hang onto these toxic relationships from the conditioning of the mind. The relationship falls apart and it takes 7 years of pain to let go.

A wound is carried from not being correct and affects future relationships.

Generators must meet others in this life and thru encounters, learn what is correct, what will bring them pleasure and satisfaction. They have to be themselves and Alone can never be correct. They need allies. We cannot know ourselves unless we come from a response.

If you are a generator and do not know who you are, you simply need to stop initiating and let your response to life show you who you are. Surrender the thoughts and concepts of the mind of who you think you are and what you think your life is supposed to look like.

Staying in Notself relationships is a quick way to ‘DeGenerate’ further disconnecting from the hum of your Sacral Life force that is designed to guide your life and leading to Apathy! It’s time to revive the Sacral!!

As with all relationships that we see in Design, correctness of entering is always about waiting… Many relationships are built on the Spleen/SP definition/undefined, where one partner has the spleen and the other has the SP. Because half of the population has the Solar Plexus (emotional authority) we all must wait to see the wave. The Solar Plexus person has to see what is revealed to them thru the angling of the wave and the spectrum of perspectives that are shown. The open SP person must see if they can tolerate the low end of the wave and if it is healthy for them. If the undefined SP can stay with the Emotional being then there is a good chance this is a correct person for them. Everyone who is not meant for the SP being will fall off on their own if the SP person is ‘playing hard to get’ and pushing others back until they can see the wave… the SP being must resist the temptation to jump, otherwise they will likely jump out when the wave crashes or be stuck in a sticky situation that is hard for both people to exit.

Generators can become the slaves of the planet, using their sacral to push thru their Notself situations and staying in toxic relationships, careers, situations etc… while harming their body and deepening wounds.

The first step is to awaken to the truth of this powerful Life Force energy (Sacral) and let it reveal to you the truth of who you are. Let it show you what you love and what brings you satisfaction. If we deny who we are, how we truly feel, our innermost truth, then we have betrayed our souls.

Nothing is personal! I have learned this in my own relationships too! It’s all just codes and the fact is that many of us are not compatible because it is up to our genetics, not our minds.

I have been doing several relationship readings lately. And it is such a pleasure to bring this objective clarity to a couple!

If there is a split in the couple’s definition it most likely will not work out. There will always be this feeling that something is missing. Having a child may help but when the child moves out, there is a high chance of divorce.

There are so many ways to see compatibility in these charts. Ways to see the exact issues that are taking place, where there is connection and conditioning, also where there is companionship! The profiles that have resonance/harmony will be compatible.

The fact is that we are attracted to who we are not. This creates genetic diversity and can bring lots of suffering if the mind is ruling!

What we feel as ‘Connection’ is also really just ‘Conditioning’

The mind and form love to experience what it is not.

This is why it is so important to know who you are and to really stay true to yourself especially in relationships.

Even in relationships, we need to remain our differentiated selves rather than becoming the homogenized blurred unit that sometimes can happen.

To do this, we must sleep alone, spend more time alone, know our dilemmas, what our truths are etc… And for many of us we cannot know these things unless we are waiting and responding to something coming from the outside.

We don’t have to figure it out. We just have to be honest with what is going on and to respond accordingly.

Mapping The Soul and Psyche

Generators have the quickest path to enlightenment. You can start knowing yourself and what you are here to do immediately. Just stop initiating and let your life come to you!

Each one of us is completely essential and it’s time we all embrace who we truly are! Speak up for your needs, take responsibility for the emotional wave, get out of toxic codependent relationships, overcome our fears and trust, release the pressure to chase our lives, Stop using the mind to drive us crazy!

We are all completely different so we can let go of what we think is supposed to be normal!

Be unapologetically yourself! <3

You are where you are doing what you are doing because of your fractal lines and choices along them.

How much flight time do you have truly being yourself?  
This is the reason we are here and our greatest gift to the world. – From Danielle Rodenroth

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