THE SPIRITUAL WARRIOR – Weekend Astral Weather Report December 15th – 16th

THE SPIRITUAL WARRIOR- Weekend Astral Weather Report December 15th – 16th

THE SPIRITUAL WARRIOR – Weekend Astral Weather Report December 15th – 16th

The Astral Weather Report is a Synthesis of Astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys, And Intuitive Wisdom.

Neutrino Transit Report Human Design

Defined Ajna, Spleen, Throat, Sacral, Solar Plexus

With so much definition, certain things can really be starting to solidify this weekend, it also means room for a lot of conditioning.

Sun 11.2 / Earth 12.2

Sometimes we need to take risks on certain ideas to really get ourselves out there, to much of the same routine can bring stagnation, this can feel difficult sometimes as we are also trying to avoid certain negative influences and forces in our lives right now.

Sun 11.2  Square Moon 36.2

When we put ourselves out there on this higher path and take certain risks, we also can attract people that need support, and assistance, this can be overwhelming, but it also allows us to go beyond ourselves.

Venus 44.2 Sextile Saturn 58.6

We could find a new pattern in relationships forming today, something really collaborative, something that allows us to really step into a higher octave with our money, our social circles and our stability.

Mars 22.3  Sextile Pluto 54.6

We can take opportunities to really share our spirit, our passions, our ambitions with others, but it’s also important to only share it with those that it will be well received with, and if its not well received we can bow out gracefully today.

Uranus 3.3 Semisquare Neptune 63.3

These opportunities may ask us to really innovate who we are, to break through certain boundaries we have had, which can bring us even closer to our higher truths.

Moon 36 Conjuncnt Chiron Trine North Node 56.1

Were learning a lot more compassion for ourselves and others, this is a great day to work more on recreating a more compassionate story of who we are as a human. We might be brought some experiences that really allow us to see ourselves and others in a new light

Moon Moves Into Aries Saturday Night

Moon 17 Sextile Vesta 41

This is a great time to fantasize now about creative new ways to become more self sufficient, ways to transform our internal creative energy in ways that can bring about more wholeness.

Sunday December 16th 2018 Astrology 

Daily Neutrinos Human Design

Saturn Moves on to the 38

This is a much different energy that the 58, this is all about really pushing forwards, this is definitely a code of the “spiritual warrior” Saturn will be here well into the new year once it starts to make its Sextile with Neptune. Which is all about us starting to really move forwards on our spiritual calling and mission here in the world. Right now I think we’re going to start to see when and how to fight for this mission.

Sun 11.3 / Earth 12.3

We come a little more back down to earth on Sunday with some of the ideas that have been coming in, exploring things more realistically, making sense of things that happened on Saturday and during the week, seeing what we have learned.

Moon 25.3 Trine Mercury 34.3

We can really be starting to get some major messages about how to direct our power and energy, towards a higher mission, however just belief alone wont be enough for success there are still things that need to be developed.

Moon 17.3 Trine Jupiter 9.3

As we share points of view and vision with others, we can realize what it really takes to create something worth while, in this adventure we are on in life, the most interesting ones are not always the best for us. It could be a great day to really share some creative ideas with people, we can be redefining our opinions of ourselves by even just the smallest actions.

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