The Role Model and The Hermit – 6/2 Profile Human Design

The Role Model and The Hermit – 6/2 Profile Human Design


(either a 3/6, 4/6, 6/2, or 6/3)

You have a detached and mystical higher vision perspective that develops throughout three distinct phases of your life.

**** Remember you just have to follow your Strategy and Authority, then your profile role is fulfilled and expressed correctly******

As a 6/2 profile, you are a combination of the 6th line conscious personality (“The Role Model”) and the 2nd line unconscious designed nature (“The Hermit”).

Your profile is comprised of two numbers, which represent two kinds of energies that work together to create your experiential learning style—the gate lines in the conscious and unconscious sun.

Your Profile is very important.  It means that when you are operating correctly from your Strategy and Authority, you begin to experience the correctness of your role.

You are encoded with a certain “geometry”, a certain pattern, which represents your inherent structure / pattern / boundary to your embodied manifest form.

The first number is an aspect of your life role that you are conscious of and that you probably relate to easily. The second number is an aspect of your life role that is unconscious but that is also a strong part of your personality.


How to determine your profile Human Design



There are twelve possible profiles:

1/3 – The Investigating Martyr

1/4 – The Investigating Opportunist

2/4 – The Hermit Opportunist

2/5 – The Hermit Heretic

3/5 – The Martyr Heretic

3/6 – The Martyr Role Model

4/6 – The Opportunistic Role Model

4/1 – The Opportunistic Investigator

5/1 – The Heretic Investigator

5/2 – The Heretic Hermit

6/2 – The Role Model Hermit

6/3 – The Role Model Martyr

Four of them have the 6th line in it : 3/6, 4/6, 6/2, 6/3

The conscious and unconscious aspects of your profile work fluidly together to create a unique combination of energies that indicate how you approach your path.

Sometimes just understanding your profile numbers can be enough to help you understand some of your core inner dilemmas, as well as reveal your ideal way to approach change, relationships, learning, and your energy and influence.

The fears of our openness (white parts of the chart where we are receiving from outside world) create strategies to cope with what we are not (NOTSELF), instead of allowing what we are.

We are wasting time resisting our true nature!

Understanding your lines helps you to know your gifts and is part of the deconditioning process.

It’s time to surrender to what you are and allow your differentiated self to emerge.

The 6th line profiles are dramatically different and more complex than the other profiles.

Personally, I am a 6/2 and after learning this information, I was nearly brought to tears at how perfectly this describes me and my life during the first Saturn cycle!  

If you are a 6/2, I know you will also find this information to be immensely helpful and can see why more parents need to know about this for raising their children!  

In order for you to understand your profile’s meaning, your role in life, you need to have a basic understanding of the hexagram.  


In the hexagram metaphor, the 6 is on THE ROOF

You can say it’s almost not really part of the hexagram as the 5 is the most exalted line, the 6 is always looking beyond the hexagram.  Looking to Transition… Looking for the truth and the values… Looking for what you can TRUST…

And it is the natural process of BECOMING THE AUTHORITY of the hexagram.  

It is the observer of all the other profiles and is looking at the process itself, to bring judgement.

6th line is always being watched, even when on the roof, others notice.  You are the ‘aloof’ observer and the observed. Others may think you are aloof or being detached but in fact there is a lot going on and you are waiting to hear you call.  When you hear the call, you will come off the roof.

Your energies aim is to be authentic…To be yourself unlike anyone else…

Coming to terms with the rest of the world and realizing that they are separate than that..

You are here to lead your own life… To be the Role model, the Administrator, the Democrat and you are seeking the perfect place, perfect job, perfect relationship.  You are society’s sounding board and have a very important part to play!

It’s not going to be easy to get there but having this knowledge will help alleviate the pressure and confusion that you are dealing with…

Diving Deep, The 6/2 Profile Human Design

Your Three Stages Are:

1.)Diving deeply into life

2.) Going up on the Roof and Observing

3.) Having to come down!

You are going through what does not work to become a capable objective force to find what you need to be an example of (which is yourself 😛 )

You are here to trust in yourself and you are in the process of learning that!  

Finding leadership within yourself…

Holding a higher standard for yourself and always feeling like you are on stage… Because you are…

Your energy attracts attention, even when you don’t want it…. Many recognize that they are being watched as you sit up there, still visible on the roof, observing…

Study and Hone Your Communication Skills…

You will need it as you need to communicate to clear things up, to set your boundaries, to establish your alone time, to share your wisdom, and so that you stop projecting your pain onto others when they are calling you down off the roof and calling you out of your hermit-ness…

If you compromise, it damages you… You will need to communicate what is coming through your authority and to be a leader as an objective authority…

You have pure transpersonal skills – Optimistic and hopeful, not just for yourself but for others!  

You are The Role Model(6)/Hermit(2):

Unhealthy consequence: becoming the NotSelf

Never inner peace or well-being when in the NOT SELF

The 2nd line is always getting called by the others… and you are the one that receives THE CALLING FROM LIFE…

The 2nd line is inside the house, on the first floor, above the foundation and doing things naturally in the house with the lights on… It’s dark outside and the people outside can look into the windows and see that you are doing things naturally… This aspect of yourself is not always aware what the other is seeing in you, nor are you seeking the other out…  

What this means is that your energy brings attention… The outside world calls you out of your hermit time to come project out what you learned while you were alone…

2nd line dilemma is not knowing how or why you do what you do… Meaning others see a naturalness, or gift, in you and the may “call you to come out” …. Sometimes they want us to explain to them how we do what we do… This comes with a lot of pressure to meet expectations and not knowing if our ‘gift/talent’ will always be there, or if we can fulfill the expectation.


If you do not get adequate, and quality alone time, you will not be able to project yourself outwards in a good way…. Instead you will be projecting your pain in frustration out onto others… You actually want to be left alone sometimes.

It is unhealthy for all involved if you don’t get your alone time…

Don’t feel guilty about needing alone time

Nurture your need for solitude

Your objective judgement and natural abilities are being called…

You are learning to balance the engagement with others and the relationship to yourself

You are here to embrace what comes easy to you…

If it’s not easy, ditch it!

This is why it is so important to learn to communicate your boundaries and to speak up when you need to take care of yourself, to have some space from other auras and to be alone…

Your true energy is to be a determined leader as you are always able to interact with the other on the surface, always moving between sympathy and apathy and you are being sought out by the other for confirmation.

You are the Reliable Authority- The external Authority to guide others…

The 6/2 and the 6/3 need to be clean (in all ways)  beings, they are bringing role models into world and always insisting that everything work correctly.

You are clearly discerning and discriminating between all the paths and pointing out to others which way works and what doesn’t work.

When you are on the roof, you are NOT participating- not engaged

But you MUST come to a point of re-engagement where YOU must realize what you point out for others to be correct is what you yourself is living

Then your process is complete….

Security strategy:  


You (and other 6’s) are great with line 5’s

If 5’s deliver something practical, you resonate with it….

Only way to impress you (6) is if they bring you something you can trust, not something you are unsure of…

If they bring you something uncertain, you will know instantly

You have to be able to trust it-  If they show you, and it works, you are then on their side and able to back them up… 6’s can actually fix a 5’s reputation!  Deep impact on community that way.

Trust in your own recommendation—Trust is essential!

If the 6 doesn’t trust, they can’t back you up   

So let’s get down to it and look at your complex and very important Life Stages:   



Stages of the 6/2 Profile



Stage One:

Your first Saturn Cycle (0-30ish years)

You are gaining wisdom through this difficult time.

If you are in this cycle, don’t worry.  All your ‘Mistakes’ are not failures and will be an enormous gift later in the other stages… Just Follow your Strategy and Authority and your role will unfold correctly.  

1st stage 6/2’s are actually a 3/2…

The ‘6’ aspect of yourself during these first 30 years is in the lower trigram, on the stairs of the house… It is the mirror to the upper trigram 6

*Remember, The hexagram (hex-6) is made up of two trigrams (3)— Lower trigram are lines 1,2,3 and upper trigram are lines 4,5,6*

Here you are going through the third line process…

In this stage you are THE ANARCHIST/MARTYR (3)/HERMIT(2):




This is the essence of your first 30 years!

The lower trigram, or first floor of the house is an internal, personal process…

The 3rd line completes the lower trigram… The 6 completes upper- they are doing the same job

During this stage you are diving deep into life, exploring through a trial-and-error process which brings about a lot of chaos and suffering. There can be heavy Depression and anxiety…You are trying to find stability… The place for you to retreat You are trying to perfect and to be perfect, trying to find your place…


This first stage of the sixth line personality, to launch into trial and error as a process, lays the foundation for the period of aloofness that will follow. If the experiences are chaotic, it is going to lead to determined withdrawal and a lack of experimental or experiential base, in order to make for an objective aloofness.

During this stage, your life is full of broken trust, awkwardness, getting into the wrong things, and totally falling on your face several times… difficult aspects in bonding and relationships in general…

Because this complex bonding strategy is shyness, at this stage you may have many situations where you are overwhelmed by forces… All kinds of things happening to you in this early stage… Someone coming in to breakthrough your barriers:   Rapes, violations, physical violations early in life… Can be quite devastating for you.

Anyone can be your leader and in your late teens- mid to late 20’s you can have enormous problems… It can seem like a helpless situation.

Important for all 6/2’s, and their family, to understand this chaos

If you enter correctly through Strategy and Authority, you will have protection.

We need to educate young people and parents about this!

This is all lower trigram, Self-absorbed, not really able to see it all, not knowing what’s going on, in and out of so many experiences…

Your intimate relationships in this period: Diving into intimacy and realizing you haven’t found your soulmate…

You have a drive to find your perfect soulmate that can lead to disillusionment, maybe even trying to convince yourself they are your soulmate when, in fact, they are not correct for you…

The people in your life at this time are the one’s you have ‘bumped’ into… It does not mean they are correct for you but nonetheless you are learning to adapt, and you are for sure LEARNING ABOUT WHAT DOES NOT WORK…. You are also learning how to make and break bonds correctly and can be very irresponsible about it during this phase… It’s ok, you are learning


Nothing seems stable… All you want to do is find your retreat

Constantly being driven to find a retreat.

You try to run away but you can’t stay away… Others always ‘calling’ you, bringing you out from being a hermit… and the third line aspect is pulling others into you- ‘Bumping’

I left my house when I was 16.  The chaos and confusion of my life up to 30 was immense.  

You are building up your wisdom through trial and error… Through your mistakes!  

Even though 6/2’s end up being the administrators, during 1st Saturn Cycle, you don’t want to administrate anything.  Nothing works. You don’t want to do it and you want others to leave you alone.

Don’t worry, you have the ability to adapt and the energy to persevere even though everything is super crazy!!!

If you and your loved one’s knew this about you, you could celebrate every time you learn about what doesn’t work!  This is an immense gift to society that you will bring forth later in your life… We have to bring this knowledge to children


6/2 Profile Parenting


And to the parents of a 6 line or 3 line child… Please DO NOT SHAME them when they make mistakes, they are in their process and you need to allow them to be ok with making their mistakes… They are figuring out what doesn’t work…This is completely natural for them.  There is no failure… They are gaining their wisdom! They are learning in their life to trust in their abilities and to be objective… Do whatever you can to facilitate that! Teach them communication and about bonding… Teach them to follow their authority and strategy…

Also, the 6 line child, will need to be supported through this first Saturn Cycle-  These are your ‘late bloomers’ — They will have immense impact on society if they are fully supported during this time!  They are the role model even though during this stage, they might not act like it!

The 6 child makes parents nervous.  The 6 as a child does bizarre things…

Parents think it’s going to be the role model then the child does things that are not role Model-ish

Line 6 child always getting into trouble… They really just want to get away… They are trying to find a place to be left alone… They can be quite rebellious/anarchist

Coupled with line 2 hermit, you can be a quiet or reserved Self-experimenting individual

And you can have bursts of energetic expressions through experimentation…

You are also getting recognition for being a natural at almost everything you touch…

You are naturally talented and others see it…

You are in the process of becoming the wounded healer…

Your Aspired to role is to be objective and in the 1st cycle of Saturn it is sustainment.  Out of sustainment you get to objectivity, as long as there is no nervous breakdown or insane asylum. You are seeing the full spectrum of the experience and only when you sustain can you become wise.  Objectivity is the only thing that brings harmony in the 6s life. Meeting harmony on the roof later in life. Others seeking you out, you then have a different relationship with the world.

There is No harmony in 1st cycle

Which is why it’s frightening to come off the roof at 50 in Stage 3.  

Next let’s look at Stage two:  Ages 30-50

Stage Two:

Ages 30-50

After 30, you finally get the retreat.  Now you want to be left alone and are meeting harmony.

You also get to finally make some money!

Sixth line personality is a role model personality. It is insistent that everything work correctly. Everything must work correctly. You learned very quickly through the trial and error experiences that things do not work out that way.

This is when the sixth line theme moves towards aloofness and begins to withdraw.

Here in the 6/2 profile with the second line hermit unconscious, this withdrawal is natural. It is during this period from thirty years of age to approximately fifty years of age that the sixth line personality will become aloof, will not engage. You will become the objective observer of what is going on around them.

The 6/2 is a perfectionist. In the stage between thirty and fifty, you have the capacity to be able to watch carefully the world around you, seeking out the examples that really work. You are tenacious in rejecting what does not work. Everything that does not work keeps you on the roof of the house, fulfills the demands of your second line unconscious to be the hermit.

The 6/2 is never invisible. You are always going to be attractive and you are always going to be attractive to others as potential guides, as potential objective authorities. The period between thirty and fifty, is often the most rewarding period for the 6/2 in which you have this sense of being a true authority for others. It can be misleading. It can also in the end, prevent you from stepping back into life. You often do not want to give up the authority that you have gained in your mid-life.

The 30 years of TRIAL AND ERROR, instability and chaos made you pessimistic and tired.  You want to retreat. You had to go through the pessimism phase before you found your optimism.  It was not all in vain and had a purpose!

You are now giving up experimentation and heading for the roof! It’s still not that easy to retreat though because others or events keep pulling you in.  


You are in a state of aloofness while waiting to see what works-  Sitting on the roof and learning through observation now instead of experimentation.  OPTIMISM KEEPS YOU ON ALERT DURING YOUR ALOOFNESS, on the roof


At around 30 years old, you are starting your natural process of withdraw, growing your objectivity and becoming the detached observer.   Instead of bumping (stage1), you are now learning through these 20 years of watching how others do things, learning through the results of others and then pulling this wisdom into you to internalize it.  

*Out of observation comes contribution to society.

Remember you still want your alone time (2nd line) and you are developing a rhythm or pattern of withdrawing then going out.  You no longer waste your energy if it’s not going to lead somewhere. Not knowing how to trust anyone, and now you have this connection to the other world, and others don’t seem to know what you know… The 6 on the roof is like the eagle eye view watching the parade go by… Always looking to find the Role Models in the crowd.  Finding what works

You are going away to lick your wounds.  More wounding can still happen in this stage but you are spending most of your energy settling and healing.  You are gaining more wisdom and can put out your work and make money.

Lots of indebtedness for the first 30 years.. You didn’t really make money and you probably built up some debts; chaos and mistakes are expensive!  Don’t feel burdened…Don’t worry, you’ll pay it off now. Spending the time paying it off while on the roof. You career arc begins at 30, not earlier… Career starts on the roof and you will have even more impact after 50.   

If you lend a 6/2 money during first cycle, they can’t pay you back until 30…

There is a pressure to be an example, to meet others’ expectations, which you are not sure why or if you can do it, and you are learning to believe in yourself.  The Notself does not work so if you are a 6 and living in the Notself, then nothing works, you have no trust, and you end up projecting your pain onto others when they pressure you with their expectations because you can’t be an example.   FOLLOW YOUR AUTHORITY AND STRATEGY AND YOUR ROLE, YOUR PROFILE, UNFOLDS CORRECTLY… THIS IS ALL YOU HAVE TO DO

You have the gift to learn what does not work and to let go of it.  Once you let go, you have transpersonal potential to pay off your ‘karma’ to the people coming to you for your objective advice.   

You are learning how to trust in your abilities.  THIS IS A DEEP THEME IN YOUR LIFE-when you can trust in yourself, you become of real value to the other.  Remember, you are a natural and you don’t have to know how you do it, you have access to it! Trust yourself!

You can be very nourishing to others in your retreat.  Helping others by seeing what does and does not work. Pointing out to others what does not work and telling them what does.  You have a deep impact on others and are enormously influential. People need your legitimate objective appraisal. You are like the one sitting up on the hill that people go to get your blessing… AND you have the ability to get others off the fence, either way, and this is your job.  

You are starting to respect yourself and trusting what it is just to be you….  You can have your greatest influence on society during the retreat.

You know immediately when something is uncertain… you can feel the energy of it.  If someone brings you something you are unsure of, you can’t back them up. Once you recognize something that really works, you have tremendous power… Power to be an objective influence and getting others involved.  Your friends, family and anyone you work with would benefit from knowing this… You will shut down all of their ideas if it is not rock solid or if they themselves are not 100% sure of it when they present it… Their ideas need to be refined and crafted and they shouldn’t come to you with an idea they just came up with…

You are a role model and you are looking for a role model to partner with.  You have deep pessimism from your early life relationships. Only when you climb on the roof can you have optimism that it is possible to find the right partnership.  And because your sexuality is SHYNESS, you must meet BOLDNESS to find the right partner and this only comes after you’ve gone into this retreat phase of life.

Try not to become your partners worst nightmare or greatest enemy by trying to change your partner into a role model during this period.  You can spend a lot of time doing this and it leads to difficulties. You need to give up trying to change your partner otherwise you get into real trouble because when you try to change others, you lose your objectivity.  




Next we see what happens in your third and final completion stage at the Chiron Point at age 50!

Wounded Healer Chiron


Stage Three:

Around age 50

The Chiron Point

Chiron is a physical cosmic body that spends part of it’s time sitting between Saturn and Uranus as a comet and part as a dwarf planet- Chiron represents the aspect of ourselves which is the Wounded Healer. Our deepest wound that we can transmute our service through.

At the age of 50-51 we experience our first Chiron return which can be a significant evolutionary period, especially for those with a line 6 in their Human Design Profile. It usually lasts around a year, but it varies in length of time and could even start to be felt at 49. This is when Chiron has completed its first complete orbit since birth.


During this stage, you have to come down off the roof although you might not know it yet, or want to, and you are receiving a ‘calling’! YOU ARE BEING CALLED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE WORLD AGAIN!

Self-Experimentation for 30 years(1st stage), observation and service for 20 years(2nd stage), now time to share the gained wisdom(3rd stage) and be the role model… A living example… BE WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR DURING THE FIRST 50 YEARS… NOW YOU REALIZE YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOURSELF.


Rather than someone who is just pointing out to others what does and does not work.

You are coming out when ‘called’ upon to rejoin the world. FOLLOW YOUR STRATEGY AND AUTHORITY…. You have a new sense of success, happiness and purpose.

You are the Role Model and everyone is watching you.

You are going back out into the world with your natural wisdom… AND Your beingness radiates!

Your transmission is stronger, cleaner, and better received during this stage. Your presence and voice are also clearer. You are being called to Re-Engage with the world and to come out of your aloofness. This is the Completion process and THIS IS THE MOST DIFFICULT ASPECT OF BEING A 6/2

Heed the calling, the real value of life is emerging now, join in what you judge to be correct! YOU RECEIVED THE CALL! The second line is the only line that gets the calling from life. The only way to engagement is through your Strategy and Authority.

You are called by life to BE YOURSELF!

Yes, it can be difficult to come down off the roof… It was also difficult for you to make it up there! You clawed your way up and it’s nice and comfy up there. You’re all set up there, no scrambling or worrying… Everything coming naturally

It may be scary leaving your harmony to come down off the roof as you still have your memory of pessimism from first stage…

You are rejoining the Chaotic world and trying to maintain your harmonious tune! There is no choice… The ax has fallen at this Chiron Point and the only way to come down off the roof successfully, is if you are able to hold your tune despite the fact that others may not be harmonious with you… You can’t afford to point out to others that they are out of tune at this time… You are no longer on the roof…

If you hold your tune, you will meet others that are in tune with you…


You are not as disturbed by the same things that disturbed you during the first phase of life.

AFTER 50, YOU LIVE LIFE FOR YOURSELF!! YOU DID YOUR SERVICE WHILE IN RETREAT GIVING EVERYONE ADVICE and were Rewarded AUTHORITY. Now It’s about you being perfect, not about anybody else’s perfection: A Selfish perfectness

Now you play your tune for yourself… Keeping your own tune and not getting lost

You understand that you had to go through the other stages to ‘get rich’ and

you received the gift of knowing what doesn’t work helping you to make enormous contributions to society and those close to you.

This is a Transpersonal Cross (Left Angle) and has deep and lasting impact… As with all Left Angles, it’s very important to discern who you involve in your life… You are not on a destiny even though you have a specific purpose… Left angles are the great experiments with no limitations…

Your optimism and dreams for the best in life, not only for yourself but for others too has led you to be very nourishing in a broad field. This is your transpersonal nature- Always assuming that it is possible.

You have been developing trust… Trust in yourself and abilities… Trust in your Strategy and Authority… Trust that your life is going to be nourishing for you.

Bonding has been very difficult… It’s easy for you to interact with almost everyone but there has been an aloofness to your nature on a more personal level.

You’ve always been looking for someone you can trust. The second you realized something or someone was untrustworthy, you broke the bond and became aloof. You need to see clearly that things work otherwise you disengage and cannot get involved with it.

Again, this is all energetic and there’s nothing to do about it. All you’ve ever had to do was follow your strategy and authority. This is what brings the trustworthy things into your life which then activates your nourishing qualities both for yourself and others.

You have been the natural leader and administrator… Being the example and guide for others

If you have been unaware of your nature, you descend into a sludge which is the pain that we call life. It is never necessary.

If you are living out your type (Generator, Manifestor, Projector, or Reflector) you will get to fulfill your purpose and will be called to experiments and experiences that will be of value to you in order to lay the foundation for developing your wisdom. It is only through honoring your type, that in the final stage of your life, you can truly enter the world and become one with life itself and fulfill your optimism.

No matter what stage you are in, or what profile you are, there is nothing to do other than follow your strategy and authority.

Human Design shows us our true nature, allowing us to put the mind in its proper place of being an external authority for others rather than the mechanic that is trying to guide our lives. We know that our being, our body(s) has access to much more information than the mind could ever perceive.

There is so much information to be explored in Human design and one thing when we look at the Profile aspect, we can see the parameters of one’s purpose. The purpose naturally flows out of simple mechanics, the simple design.

Please message me your birth details if you would like to know which of the 12 profiles you are.

Are you a 6/2? What stage are you in?

I am a 6/2 in the second stage!




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