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Are You Ready To Get To The Bottom Of Your Darkness?

How can you finally live life with an open heart? In this 2 hour one on one session with Thomas he will be giving you a detailed transmission of specific codes within your charts that guide your relationships, money, core wounds, values. Along with specific transits and aspects for this upcoming Venus Retrograde so you can navigate better, drop the shit that’s not yours and come out on the other side reborn!

  If any of this resonates with you then keep reading:

Do you ever wish you could live life with a constantly open heart?

This Venus Retrograde will give you the opportunities to unlock this type of life. The question is will you hear the call and be willing to dive deep enough into yourself to do the work? Will you see through the illusions of lights, mirrors, smoke and shadows?

I know what your thinking….ahhh fuck, more shadow work, more drama…

Give yourself a round of applause if you have made it through this year! We’re on the final stretch, and I bet you, when Venus starts to rise again as the morning star near the end of October, it’s going to be some of the most beautiful light in your life that you have seen in a long time.

Like the Phoenix you will rise reborn from the ashes….

One of the greatest opportunities we have in our lives is to awaken to our highest and most authentic essence through the mirror of our relationships.

Most people think of beauty when they think of Venus, and of relationships, at least at first. But the path of transformation, the path to doing the real work is dark, dirty, messy and ugly at times.

Whats some of the themes for this Venus Retrograde you can expect to be dealing with? Well that depends a bit on your chart, but overall, relationships, sex, money, death, emotions, addictions, power struggles, the masculine and feminine balance, your deepest desires and more…How is your relationship to your dark side???

Years ago I remember reading the book the four agreements. I loved that book, I must have read it five or six times at least. In particular I remember the axiom, “Don’t take things personally.” That was impactful, but then as I tried to implement it…we’ll…EASIER SAID THAN DONE!

Not to long after that I found out  more about what we now call Soul Mapping…A map of codes through these dark places within us. What was most impactful at first glance was being able to see all the crap that WASN’T EVEN MINE! Shit I had been trying to work through that I was able to just give away!

Then seeing the codes that were actually mine and using specific techniques, allowed me to focus and reprogram. From there I started to see that everything was just codes, energy, and mechanics, THAT was what finally allowed me to not take things personally, and live with an open heart.

Generally speaking there is a specific pathway through our personal charts, codes and aspects to these codes that can help us guide the way through this inner path of transformation through our relationships.

This Venus retrograde I am offering up a special, because I want you to take advantage of this powerful period and really come out on the other side the fully empowered  sovereign co-creator you are meant to be.

In this session I am offering, we will go over a specific sequence of your charts, and the most important  transits and themes that will be impacting you, giving you a window into how to take this deep dive within. Plus, I will also give you a technique to transform the most important code of this transit for you. e

For those that really wanna dive REALLY DEEP, I am also offering a deal to combine this offering with the Self-Illumination Kit and Pathway at at discount too. A perfect compliment to this one on one session. You will get a variety of tools to help you navigate this period, along with guided instruction on how to transform wounds, reprogram your psyche and traumas and much more.

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Soul Actualization:

The Realization Or Fulfillment Of One’s Soul’s Talents, Purpose and Potentialities, Especially Considered As a Drive Or Need Present In Everyone.


$210 Normally $255


“A Unique Transmission of Codes To Ignite Your Rebirth.”


  • 2 hour One-on-One Session Via Zoom Video Conferencing Software

  • Recording For You To Replay (This works like an energy re-attunement for later)

  • Soul Mapping Charts

  • Book And PDF Shares Or Recommendations For Your Continued Success


$288 Normally $343



“Transmission, Tools, Techniques And Knowledge”

The highest quality crafted elixirs plus free guidance on using them for self transformation

The Self Illumination Kit is a intentionally selected group of our highest quality organic technologies, paired with the 19th code pathway. The pathway is years of distilled knowledge and wisdom on excellent ways to use these plant teacher tools in conjunction with an internal path that has been created to explore and reprogram aspects of our psyche and genetics that are holding us back from our full potential, authentic connection and from expressing our greatest gifts.


  • Self-Illumination Kit And Pathway

    (Practical Tools And Guidance For Transformation And Leveling Up)

  • 2 hour One-on-One Session Via Zoom Video Conferencing Software

  • Recording For You To Replay (This works like an energy re-attunement for later)

  • Soul Mapping Charts

  • Book And PDF Shares Or Recommendations For Your Continued Success


Soul-Actualization is a custom tailored package and experience, your needs are unique and we want to ensure that we are the right fit for one another. In order to give you the best experience, we need to know a little more about you. Please fill out the form below to apply to work with us. We look forward to creating some magic together. 

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