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Integrative Integral Human Design,Gene Keys,Astrology,Psychology Session

Soul Alchemy

525.00  $444.00

Tapping Into Your Codes

Our deep dive synthesis of Astrology, Human Design and Gene Keys.

In this 2 hour one on one session broken down into two parts with Thomas he will be giving you a detailed transmission of your Unique Genius, Soul Purpose, Core Wounds, Shadows, Gifts And Intuitive Insights. He will guide you through key aspects of your Human Design, Gene Keys and Astrology Charts, along with tapping into Intuitive Akashic Insights.


Are You Ready For An Activation?

A comprehensive exploration into your unique Soul Purpose, Challenges, Unique Genius, Gifts, Wounds, Mission And More. In this 2 hour one-on-one session with Thomas, he will guide you through specific codes for your life challenges and provide specific tools and strategies for greater embodiment and enhancement of your life experience.

Core Features Of This Session:

  • Tap Deeper Into Your Souls Purpose And Mission

  • Pinpointing Dilemmas And Using Them To Your Advantage

  • Discover Your Unique Codes

  • Codes That Always Tap You Into Your Flow

  • Learn Secret “Hacks” For The Game

  • Discover Core Wounds And Effective Strategies

  • Learn How To See Through Through The Illusions

  • Tap Into Your Unique Genius

  • Discover How Your Fears Can Be Transmuted Into Gifts

  • Greater Health Via Alignment With Your Strategy

  • Balance Your Inner Masculine And Feminine

  • Reconnecting You To Source 

What You Receive:

  • 2 hour One-on-One Session Via Zoom Video Conferencing Software

  • Recording For You To Replay (This works like an energy re-attunement for later)

  • Soul Mapping Charts

  • Potential Additional Audios, PDF’S, Articles And Videos for Your Continued Success


For Booking Text: 828.424.6241 Or

Email: Soulmapping.life@gmail.com

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Here Are Some Of The Things Our Clients Are Saying About Their Experience:

“Connecting with this information has ultimately assisted in discovering my personal strategy for navigating my life.”

Jaeck Tereso

” Through this process the insights are given in the right timing to give way for applicable and practical changes that one can make in their life. Highly recommended.”

Corey Shiekh, Ottowa Lifestyle Center

I had the pleasure to receive a beautiful reading from Danielle. I am amazed by the quantity and quality of information I received and from her unique way to be so sweet, patient and full of wisdom in the way to explain it ! I truly suggest you to invest in a reading with her.

Chiara Ara Munay - Posada Natura Retreat Center

This information grants insight into what balances our strengths and weaknesses in order to work optimally with others.

Rita Flemming