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Integrative Integral Human Design,Gene Keys,Astrology,Psychology Session

Quantum Jump

525.00  $444.00

In Depth Activation And Alignment

In this 3 hour two part one on one session with Danielle she will be giving you a detailed transmission of the foundational aspects of your energy bodies. She will guide you through both the conscious and the subconscious aspects of your personal map.


Are You Ready For An Activation?

A comprehensive exploration into your unique strategy, authority, shadows and gifts. In this 2 hour one-on-one session with Danielle, she will give you a detailed transmission of your aspects; guiding you through the conscious and subconscious archetypes composing your personal map.

Core Features Of This Session:

  • Realign The Mind

  • Pinpointing Dilemmas And Using Them To Your Advantage

  • Discover Your Aura And How To Work With it

  • Codes That Always Tap You Into Your Flow

  • Learn Secret “Hacks” For The Game

  • Connect With Your Unique Strategy For Processing Energy

  • Learn How Your Inner Guide Speaks To You

  • Tap Into Your Unique Genius

  • Discover How Your Fears Can Be Transmuted Into Gifts

  • Greater Health Via Alignment With Your Strategy

  • Balance Your Inner Masculine And Feminine

  • Reconnecting You To Source 

What You Receive:

  • 2 Part 3  hour One-on-One Session Via Zoom Video Conferencing Software

  • Recording For You To Replay (This works like an energy re-attunement for later)

  • Soul Mapping Charts

  • Additional Audios, PDF’S, Articles, And Videos for Your Continued Success

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