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Integrative Integral Human Design,Gene Keys,Astrology,Psychology Session

Quantum Jump

$444.00   $422.00

In-Depth Activation And Alignment

Discover the perfection of your own process!

Take a deep dive with Danielle into the codes of your existence.  We will synthesize your Human Design, Gene Keys, and Astrology charts, giving you profound insight into your mechanics and how to align your path.


Are You Ready To Be Fully In Your Authority?

We are here to awaken the unique differentiated passenger consciousness, therefore, we have the privilege to know ourselves and how to navigate life.

Core Features Of This Session:

  • Realign The Mind

  • Pinpointing Dilemmas And Using Them To Your Advantage

  • Discover Your Mechanics And How To Work With Them

  • Connect With Your Unique Strategy For Processing Consciousness

  • Learn How Your Inner Guidance System Speaks To You

  • Tap Into Your Unique Genius And Potentiate It

  • Discover How Your Fears Can Be Transmuted Into Gifts

  • Greater Health Via Alignment With Your Strategy

What You Receive:

  • 3 x 1 hr Interactive Sessions Via Zoom Video Conferencing Software

  • 1 hr Group Zoom Q&A

  • Recording For You To Replay (This works like an energy re-attunement for later)

  • Soul Mapping Charts

  • Additional Audios, PDF’S, Articles, And Videos for Your Continued Success

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