Knowing Your Human Design Channels

Knowing Your Human Design Channels

Have you ever wondered how the specific channels in your Human Design Chart affect your interactions with other peoples Auras?

Even though you may be a GENERATOR or a MANIFESTOR you may have PROJECTED CHANNELS… These are channels that need to be invited before their quality can be received into the field.

Just like a projector needs to be 100% recognized before sharing their guidance, otherwise they compromise themselves, the qualities of these projected channels need to be called forth in the same ways.

Human design is about aligning your vehicle by correctly entering and transmitting your energy.

If you have a strategy of “Wait for invitation”, be it a projector aura or you may be a generator with a projected channel for example, if you do not wait- your quantum gift that your channel carries will be lost in that situation and will actually end up ‘annoying’ the others- it will bring an “off’ Energy.

If you wait and receive the invitation, you have to power to be of great benefit to the other and yourself, and you will always be correct in your behavior.

Invitations come in several ways…

Projector Human Design Invitation

For example, Someone can ask you to explain yourself, they can ask you what you think (logic) or what you believe (abstract).

Someone simply saying “I think” or ” I believe” has an under current that is actually seeking confirmation.
(Individual says “I Know”)

Invitation can also be someone who truly sees you and appreciates your gifts and guidance.

Depending on your authority is the way you will know.

Splenic- know the first second they meet someone whether or not they are correct for them

Emotional-Solar plexus– clarity comes over time

Mental Projected– knows when they talk about it outloud

Sacral Generators– Know with the universal rhythm and flow

You need to look at your channels and see if any have this projected quality, which is very common.

And remember the great role of the Projectors is to be the guide- not to change the energy but to see energy gently for the rest of the beings.

To help us see what we cannot, only when we respect and appreciate the insight they bring. They too are to appreciate the energy that they are seeing.

I have seen many “NOT SELF” projectors who do not wait to be invited or recognized for their gifts and have compromised themselves (and their health) by forcing their views and minimizing the others around them. Trying to grab control rather than embracing and helping facilitate those around them.

We are genetically coded to work together and when we are all in correct alignment we can allow our genius and gifts to unfold naturally.

First we have to stop being who we are not! 🙂 By getting to know the specific functioning of our Human Design Channels we can better navigate our journey into balance and harmony in our lives.

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