Human Design is MENTAL, NOT SPIRITUAL, or therapeutic!

Human Design is MENTAL, NOT SPIRITUAL, or therapeutic!

To help the mind accept its place as the passenger…

We are currently in the last 300-400 years of the collectives mental development. We came from the Spleen (instinct, fight or flight, survival) and will be moving to the Spirit consciousness of the Solar plexus coming up. We can’t get there until we finish the mental process.

While we are giving our authority to the mind, we can’t get to the Spirit Consciousness.

We have to understand our nature!

We are currently in the Mental Plane; developing the collective Ajna and making sense of what it means to be human, to come to terms and to develop the mind as the passenger consciousness.

The mind needs to be affirmed over and over again the truth of its nature. Only then, will it play along and get out of the way.

The mind is our greatest tool and our worst enemy. The tool is only of value for the other and should never be used to make our own decisions. The mind is the great measuring device, putting everything into categories of ‘this’ and ‘that’.

This is why Human Design is so practical! It helps us see exactly where our mind is programmed and more importantly, who we really are (which is not the mind), our true nature, so we do not use the mind to try to figure ourselves out!

It is a seven-year process (enough time to replace all our cells) to leave the mind behind. Letting the mind do it’s rambling and ignoring it until something from the outside ‘calls’ it out of us to be of use to THE OTHER.

Outer Authority is what each of us has the right to be to the other. We are here using our minds to share our experiences and what it means to be human, to communicate in order to bond. This is Outer Authority. Giving information and guidance to others… Sharing what it looks like from our angle of the infinitely shattered mirror.

The mind can never be your inner authority. Remove it’s ‘power’…

Through our experiment (Strategy and Authority to realize correctness) the mind needs to witness the effects of what happens when it is in the passenger seat. The mind will still chime in, kicking and screaming, listing, comparing, doing all of its rationalizations as an attempt to make us move. The mind has no access to energy, it is completely cut off from energy.

We must satisfy the mind… the mind loves being satisfied. Seeing over and over again what the truth is. This is its mechanism after all.

You will remain asleep, in the darkness, if you are running around trying to use your mind to direct your life. Trying to ‘figure out’ what to do, coming up with random ideas and then trying to act them out… This will never work. The mind is trying to find its satisfaction and will torture you until it has it.

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Give your mind the position of your assistant working up in the research office, measuring the maya machine to find the formula. A part of you that others call on for guidance.

The work I do with these codes is truly for children and we have to get to the adults to help heal the mind.

It’s all satisfaction for the mind so you can be your correct self. The mind is what got us into this mess and it has all been for a purpose: developing the collective ajna…. It’s all part of the process…

Learning to let go and let your life be guided and for your mind to be the observer!

This is not about being a victim. It is about embracing your authentic self and having compassion for how you have perceived your fractal.

If you are being your true self, you will cause ripples and some people will not like it. We must let everyone live out their extremes as this is the only way humanity can find pure love. We are all unique and so very special! Let others be who they are, if you don’t ‘like’ it, perhaps they are not the right people for you and that’s ok!

I used to ‘troll’ peoples posts sometimes, especially during my Truther/activism days! I felt the need to bring others into how I thought they needed to be. The thought that I need to correct them… How ridiculous! Now I just see all of us on this beautiful path and that we all deserve our unique consciousness!

Be unapologetically you, the real you, not the ‘you’ your mind says it thinks you are!! 


Danielle Rodenroth

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