Full Moon Equinox March 2019 : Awakening The Living Lucid Dream

Full Moon Equinox March 2019 : Awakening The Living Lucid Dream

Soul Mapping Astral Weather Neutrino Report

Synthesizing Astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys and the IChing


Sun Code 25.2  Pisces Opposed Moon Code 6.6 Full LIBRA Zero Degrees


In this moment you may be called to be devoted and dedicated to the now, move through the deep wound of constriction within the body, can you become so present with the blood of the mother that is this material plane of your larger body of the collective organism. Can you surrender to the inner conflict and constriction of your wound knowing that it is the very wound that allows you the gift of experiencing your own separate and unique life while being aware of the suffering of the other? Can you become that balancing key that fully accepts your own personal motivations so deeply you can surrender to the peace that is asking to come in by feeling your self as an instrument of the more embodied collective body? Can you become so intimate with your self and is being asked of you by your highest self, that your most authentic self can be completely penetrated.


Venus Aquarius Code 49.5 Square Mars Taurus Code  23.5


We are driven with a passion to take action, igniting our inner revolutions for rebirth

The key is simplicity, bringing things into the practical essence to provide the needs for your fellow tribe.

We want to be different, we desire rebirth, but how do are articulate the quintessence of our inner truth.

Can we communicate our insights to the collective, translating and assimilating our intolerance so that we can truly express our unique knowing from the depths of our souls?

Mars Taurus Code 23.5 Trine Pluto Capricorn Code 61.3


The truth of the great mystery in our Souls depth has been illuminated.

We do not stand alone. We must unite in as an interdependent organism, living and breathing as one, through our uniqueness as our greatest gifts.

Pierce the heart of your message, to the core of its quintessence.

This knowing is enhanced through the magic of co-creation

To actualize this inner voice, we must unite. The psychosis within magically transformed into simple words and actions.


Mercury Pisces Code 22.3 Sextile Saturn Code 54.5


We have this opportunity to attain an inner balance through this equinox, solar and lunar forces in balance.

The universe delivers us a message of perfected grace. It is time for the collective inner serpent of wisdom to rise.

Our aspirations will enchant others into ascension.

Bringing collective dreams into form with the help of farther Saturn.

Co-creatively perfecting our openness through aligning the awareness to the awareness of our emotions.

Matter and spirit unite as the marrying maiden of matter bring us into this state of grace.


Venus Aquarius Code 49.5 Sextile Jupiter Saggitarius Code 11.2


Where there once was the of shadow, we can now use this as fuel to creatively imagine and bring the light of revolution.

Organize the imagination into solutions for service.

Following your bliss like a flow of water to bring about something that has never been seen.

This is where the adventure awaits you. The universe is reflecting your beauty back to you. Be sensitive to your innate abundance. Prosperity flows naturally from creative bliss… Follow the flow.


Mars Taurus Code 23.5 Inconjunct Jupiter Saggitarius  Code 11.2


Powerful messages and beautiful visions of an idealistic world often are difficult to put into words

What dreams are seeking the light?

Maybe the key is in collaboration

Can you find peace in the simplicity of what’s practical?


Moon Libra Code 6.6 Inconjunct Uranus Taurus  Code 3.5


Although we may be seeking to bring about nothing but peace.

Our actions may alienate others. Tracend the Chaos, by neutralizing the inner voice of the victim.

How can we innovate to achieve an inner balance and harmony?

Feel your emotions without identification. This brings balance back to the reflection of the other.


Uranus Taurus Code 3.5 Semi-Square Neptune Pisces Code 63.6


Its time to ascend beyond the old doubts.

Allow the past to serve as a teacher. Inquire into the truth of its lessons.

Doubt is here to constantly renew the truth, which can only be found in the present.

The past is always preparing us for exactly where we are.

The questioning itself is the truth that allows the innocence to continue to transform the chaos into art.

Which is life

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