FOUR SECRETS BEHIND EMBRACING YOUR AUTHENTIC PURPOSE – Exploring Your Activation Sequence (Gene Keys) And Planting Our Incarnation Cross (Human Design)


Activating Our Activation Sequence (Gene Keys) And Planting Our Incarnation Cross (Human Design) – Soul Mapping

What should I do with my life? Who am I? What direction should I take? What is my higher soul path and calling that I am meant for here in this life, and what are the unique talents and abilities that my Soul wishes to express? What pitfalls, shadows and blind spots might I encounter on the road to embodying my higher calling?

These and other similar questions we often ask ourselves in our lives, sometimes over and over again as we observe ourselves in the game of life, we may try many different things only to stumble and fall. Where can we go to receive assistance with these types of major life questions?

It is fascinating to think that there are 4 Major Codes in our individual Genetic Profiles along with the psychological expressions of those codes that make up 70% of the neutrino energy that we deal with both on a daily basis and as overarching themes within our lives.

In the Gene Keys system, these four codes are known as the Activation Sequence, also known as the Incarnation Cross in the Human Design System. A set of four unique Codes corresponding to the position of the Sun and the Earth in our natal astrology charts, and the position of the Sun and the Earth 88 degrees (one mercury cycle) before we were born.

Why do these 4 Codes make up such a major aspect of our charts? Well for starters the Sun and the Earth, in general, are responsible for 70% of the Neutrinos that we are bombarded with at any given time here on the earth.

At certain points in our development life cycles in the womb and at birth, the Neutrinos being filtered by those powerful celestial bodies are passing through specific angles of energy that give the neutrinos very unique dynamics.

This “Incarnation Cross” that they form creates a geometrical imprint of archetypes that then flavors our bioenergetic field. This is the core form we are meant to plant and to anchor here in this life to process the neutrinos for our fractal DNA lines in these unique ways. To fully plant this cross it will often take many years after we are fully living our strategy and authority.

These four codes filter how we externalize our purpose, they also dictate major aspects of our physical body, how we digest food and information, along with our unique awareness.

Most of us have so many layers of conditioning, programming, and homogenization from family, society and our environments. Over time of following our strategy and authority, and learning these evolved light languages, we can gradually fully embrace our authentic purpose.

In Richard Rudd’s Activation Sequence these four codes are known as the Life’s Work, Evolution, Radiance, and Purpose. Today we are going to dive deep into how these codes in the Activation Sequence or Incarnation Cross shape and mold the journey of our lives and how they can give us valuable clues, or even a sort of cheat code for our life.

Activation Sequence Gene Keys

Life’s Work

We start with the Life’s Work, otherwise known as our Personality Sun, we know as what dictates our birth sign in Western Astrology. The Personality Side of our charts also governs trajectory we are going in life.

This is the principle code and archetype it themes what you are here to do in this life. If we were to be considering the Life’s Work for a hummingbird lets say, its Life’s Work might be something like the 15th Code, which Richard Rudd gives the Siddhi ( the highest expression / deepest essence ) of Fluorescence. A magnetic code that lives to balance extremes while learning about natures timing and rhythms. The shadow of this particular code has to do with a sort of mundane attitude that fails to see the more magical side of life’s typical moments. This hummingbird may have a rainy day where its normal routine of assisting flowers blooming gets held up by dark clouds and branches breaking from the water’s weight. However, it’s this same rain that will soon fuel the vibrant display of flowers that will call for it to pollinate them the next day. It is also this same code buried within its genetics, that will even make sure the hummingbird’s biochemical physiology reacts in specific ways to the rain and clouds as opposed to the sun, thus ensuring that it is not quite as motivated on those cloudy days. This will allow the hummingbird to rest and make sure its vital energy is stored up for the coming blossom. These codes express themselves psychologically, but it’s important to note this is how we internally perceive a biochemical process. The mind is here to serve the form and to be the witness.

Note: This example is only a metaphor used for the poetic value of illustration, animals actually have very different types of design codes and profiles than humans which don’t include the incarnation cross.

The Life’s Work contains themes and cycles the hummingbird will see manifest over and over again in its life. These themes and cycles flow like a fractal all the way down into a moment by moment basis. They will range from modesty and extremism, or dullness (shadow) to magnetism, while always containing the underlying essence of fluorescence. For example, the eyes of humans and other animals magnetizing to this beautiful creature as it pollinates the forest.

Even the cycles the bird experiences in between flowers will carry this same quality for the hummingbird as it is motivated by the magnetic quality of the flower’s nectar it seeks out, and then finds its momentary dullness once it does its job motivating it to the next flower.

We can think of this code archetypally, like a filter that dictates the quality and reason behind your life and your path in it. A shadow we will encounter over and over again until we accept it about ourselves and allow it to work its magic within us and fully embrace the difficulties that come along with it.

Does what you are currently doing in life allow you to manifest this unique gift you have?

When described as the Incarnation Cross, we see an overarching theme or quintessence of all four codes emanating through everything we do in our lives, or an ongoing challenge we meet, until we fully own this part of our self, and “plant the cross”. I think it’s also important to note, planting our cross is not some sort of attainable goal (although it’s something we can work on by becoming conscious of it) this is something that happens on its own as we align with our strategy and authority.

We can also look at the 4 Codes of the Activation Sequence as a pathway we traverse in life. Starting with the Personality or mentally conscious side, our Personality Sun and Earth, then as we align moving to the Subconscious or Design Side of our Charts. A set of codes in an order that will guide our process of awakening. Think of going from learning how to read, and then it just became something you do naturally.


We move next to the Personality Earth, the position of the Earth in our Natal Chart, something that generally isn’t even taken into account in typical western Astrology, but yet such a huge part of our Psychological and Genetic Makeup.

Going from the Life’s Work to the Evolution is a pathway Richard Rudd calls the Challenge Path. The interplay of these two codes sets up a sort of continual Challenge in our life that we are asked to meet and breakthrough over and over ensuring we stay in a constant stay of evolution. Genetically these codes form what is known as programming partners, like two biological triggers that interplay back and forth with one another.

Let’s go back to the Hummingbird for a moment, we might find this Hummingbird having the 10th Code as its Evolution. Its challenge in life is to overcome some sort of obsession within understanding who it truly is. In those same mundane moments in between flowers, and on rainy days, it struggles to understand the greater purpose and mystery of why it is so magnetically drawn to each flower over and over, although it is in love with the forest and all flowers, it is never truly satisfied, always seeking to find the most decedent of flower nectar.

One day however this hummingbird may burn out its quest to find this ultimate flower nectar realizing the nectar it was truly seeking a continual process of evolution, seeing its own perfect role and place within the orchestra of the forest as a whole. The entire forest owes in one way its many years and cycles of blooming and fruiting the role it played within the greater organism.

This code reinforces the Life’s Work as a core and primary issue we face in our lives, but of course also one of our greatest gift’s and genius abilities we bring into life.


What is the evolving nectar you bring to the world?


Life Nectar Lifes Work Gene Keys


Now we move to the Design side, which is much more about the Physical body, and how it works. The Design is how our awareness functions. While this side is often looked at as below conscious perception, however, the Design aspects of our self are conscious to the body. It is a matter of the mind surrendering to being the witness. The deeper we surrender to our strategy and authority, we find that we start to experience a sort of whole-body cognition.

After we start to accept, allow, and embrace our codes, we align our bodies bioenergetic field, we become aware of a sort of light emanating from the very core of our being. This awareness may only come through interactions with others over time. This light could also be described as a sort of tonal quality of energy, a certain flavor our aura emits and shines into the world guiding others to see with this in this unique light. Again, the design side has to do with our awareness. Richard Rudd calls this code the Radiance.

This code also has to do with our body’s health, our personal environment, and the way we live.

Our Hummingbird friend may have the 25th Code for its Radiance. This codes essence is the spirit of the self, of universal love. This code actually governs all inanimate objects in the material world.

In its unaligned shadow aspect, this code creates a certain kind of constriction within our physical bodies. A sacred wound bound around our genetic structure that fractally spirals out into our body and auric field. We could see this when we look at the hummingbird, while oh so graceful, we also see what keeps it moving is a deep tension within its body moving its wings an almost invisible speed as it darts side to side.

The gift emanating from this wound is acceptance; energy that truly embraces all things equally even the inanimate, the acceptance of being in the body and form, that spirit and matter are truly one. While the hummingbird flies from flower to flower, we can see this gift, and the higher essence of Universal Love pouring out of every action. You could even say it’s the cycle flowing from the shadow of constriction to acceptance that keeps the bird’s heart pulsing.

Traveling the pathway from the evolution to the residence is known as the breakthrough. This breakthrough can only come during those times we fully surrender to everything we are, including the shadows.

Some say that when the hummingbird sits long or sleeps, it actually dies momentarily allowing it to traverse the astral planes, moving in between worlds.

Looking back earlier, once this bird was to truly accept the dullness of the mundane moments in between extremes, it allows its self-obsession of finding the sweetest of all nectars to burn out, we would see that it would reach a massive breakthrough In its utter acceptance of being in the form, and its need for sleep and rest, it would take its rest, and its soul would release from its body sending its highest essence soaring to unimaginable heights of otherworldly dimensions.


Finally we get to the last code in the Incarnation Cross and the Activation Sequence. The Purpose! While our TRUE Purpose, is much more of a synergy of all of the codes of our chart, and the ability for us to authentically express and accept ourselves. This Purpose is like a core anchor we bring into each act of life, and especially into our relationships.

This Purpose has to do with our state of being, a frequency we ground into the world through our physical presence. It also has to do with the way we digest food and information.

Our Hummingbird friend has the 46th Code / Gene Key for its purpose. A Code which in Soul Mapping we call Fruition. This code has to do with Self Determination, Richard Rudd calls its shadow Seriousness. A code that when someone is out of alignment, it seems to carry a sort of dark cloud with it everywhere. We could see this with our hummingbird being so serious about its path of finding the ultimate nectar. Rather than coming to acceptance of its rhythms, as it begins to rain, it decides to seek out the place in the forest where there is no rain. This decision backfires, and because the storm is so large, by the time it was to have got to the storm’s edge, it has only moved very far ahead of the bird, ensuring no matter how much it flies, it continues to stay within the rain.

Little does this bird know, but by accepting this shadow within itself, it also accepts the limits and delights of its own physical body, by not doing this it also misses out on its incredible experiences of the higher planes it gets during its periods of rest and sleep. The curse becomes the cure.

Incarnation Crosses

These four codes we have just completed in the activation sequence make up what is known as the Right Angle Cross of the Vessel Of Love 2. A Cross that is here to help everyone it comes in contact with, come into a certain kind of magical flow in life. This flow taps those it encounters into a deep and universal love for the body, flesh, and spirit, all through its deep connection with own wound, its point of communion with Cosmic Womb.

This connection comes through that sacred wound deep within it for it is that same Wound that connects it to all life, to Spirit, and to the flesh, that wound is its gift, allowing it to feel this love. Just like an ache within, that we might feel as a deep yearning for someone we love that we can never truly have because it’s the lack of love and separation from them that allows us to experience the love.

The paradox of the binary.

The life of the hummingbird allows us to touch a love of all these things, a love of the flesh as we smell the beautiful flowers it pollinates, a love of spirit as we notice the intangible the hummingbird can brings into our life when we get a chance to see it pause for a moment on a branch. And a love for the flow of life as we know we would not want to possess it because we rely on it to pollinate the forest.

Soul Mapping

One of the most unique things about this cross and sequence we bring into Soul Mapping is the relationship of these codes of our activation sequence, our incarnation cross, and their placements within the houses of astrology. From there we can even go deeper into the angles and aspects that these codes make to the placements of the other planets within the charts, along with their codes and the way those codes manifest.

Stay tuned for a future article where we dive into the house expressions and aspects of the codes of our hummingbird friend as we continue on our journey with her on her quest to Soul Actualization.

If you are ready to deep dive into these codes in your chart along with even more apply for your on on one session now by going here.


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