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Danielle Rodenroth

Inanna (Danielle Rodenroth) - Soul Mapping

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Let Danielle Guide You Back To Your Authentic Nature

Danielle learned to transform her suffering into self-empowerment and is guiding others to do the same.  Her traumas served to refine her Sensitivity, Emotional Intelligence, Psychic and Intuitive abilities, but it was a struggle and very painful to get to this point. This confusion is what led her on the path of becoming the Wounded Healer.  From a very young age, she started her pursuit of psychology to better understand herself and others.   During her teens and throughout her adult life, she has deepened her studies in these areas and has expanded into the spiritual esoteric arts, indigenous wisdom, and holistic healing methods.

She is a tele-empathic intuitive who naturally tunes into the energy of others, nature and animals. Combined with her profound sense of mysticism, she is a Syncretist who draws on several fields of knowledge from Psychology, Astrology, Human Design, Shadow Work, Shamanic Ritual, Plant healing, Communication, Detox and Nutrition, Emotional Intelligence and more to guide others in reframing their wounds to be their greatest SuperPowers.  

After learning that her sensitivities were also a result of a genetic mutation found in over 20% of the population known as HSP’s (Highly Sensitive Persons), she received the calling to specifically provide support and guide this community and their families.  A 6/2 Sacral Generator with the Left Angle Cross of Wishes, she carries the energy to provide leadership for change in the way things operate; looking at the systems and structures in place to offer her own view of how things could be different.  Needless to say, her Incarnation Cross can be unpopular with some because people are not always willing to give up something that has governed them for a long time.  Realizing now that timing and grace are essential components in making the case about what doesn’t make sense in the tribe.

Knowing that everything plays out exactly as it should and with no regrets, she sees that so much suffering and programming can be prevented if you were to have a map of your own energy, of your true nature… your gifts, shadows, vulnerabilities, potential physical illness, how you are in relationships, and your specific role in the world… To tap you back into your INNER AUTHORITY. 

She knows how valuable Soul Mapping is for Families and their children, to help guide those who feel called back into sovereignty, connection and alignment with their true Self.

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Here Are Some Of The Things Our Clients Are Saying About Their Experience:

“Connecting with this information has ultimately assisted in discovering my personal strategy for navigating my life.”

Jaeck Tereso

” Through this process the insights are given in the right timing to give way for applicable and practical changes that one can make in their life. Highly recommended.”

Corey Shiekh, Ottowa Lifestyle Center

I had the pleasure to receive a beautiful reading from Danielle. I am amazed by the quantity and quality of information I received and from her unique way to be so sweet, patient and full of wisdom in the way to explain it ! I truly suggest you to invest in a reading with her.

Chiara Ara Munay - Posada Natura Retreat Center

This information grants insight into what balances our strengths and weaknesses in order to work optimally with others.

Rita Flemming