Astral Weather Report Monday, July 16th – Soul Mapping


Astral Weather Report Monday, July 16th
(It’s like daily astrology forecasts Soul Mapping Style)


Dream big! Clarifying and creating a plan! Looking into our past to see what has worked and brought us joy to co-create something more sustainable and regenerative for our futures!

Astral Weather Notes:

Correction from Video

4-63 Channel

Logical ability to see patterns that no longer serve not always connected to the energy to correct them. Looking within to find the truth about oneself, finding the source of an issue.

Shadow: Doubting oneself or having suspicion of others.

Moon Virgo Opposed Neptune Pieces


Increased psychic intuitive faculties, heightened imagination and dreams, daydreaming.


Reading into what others are saying, overly imaginative coupled with emotionally sensitive.

Moon 64 Neptune 63.3


Dreaming of the past, connections with people from the past, reminiscing about the “old days” , the ability to see patterns and find truth in those things in the past that we enjoyed and how we can incorporate aspects of them into the future.


Feeling it used to be better back in the day.

Moon (Virgo) Square Jupiter (Scorpio)

Connecting with loved ones, friends, family. Positive feel good emotional enthusiasm with regards to our deepest desires for taking care of ourselves what were creating.

Moon (64) Jupiter (1.1)

Gift :

Deeply connecting with others about beautiful creative visions, wondering how is all going to come together, using our creative energy imaginatively.


Confusion about how we will bring about the creative visions and dreams we desire on a deep core level, lack of energy and motivation to make them happen, melancholy due to lack of creative energy.

Saturn Trine Uranus

Sudden shift’s and ascensions of our foundational levels of identity, boundaries and structures in our lives.  The ascension of our relationship to discipline, authority and structure. Taking practical steps towards our goals and visions of the future we want to create, the ascension of the structures and foundations in our lives to better serve our refining tastes, gathering new tools for creating a better life and world together.

Saturn 58.1  Uranus 27.1


Using our vital energy in a way that serves collective patterns of correcting out of date structures. Surrendering to a universal order that is in service to a higher purpose.


Being dissatisfied with our job’s and our lives, how we make our way in the world. Using our resources in a selfish way to support out of date structures. Using our ability to see things that no longer are working to criticize others because we are unhappy with our lives.

Venus Trine Saturn


Connecting with others that can help to co-create our new identities. Bringing new structures and disciplines into our lives. Connecting with others who can help us to create new more sustainable structures for our future and that of humanity and the earth.


Tearing down old structures, resistance to change that the universe is guiding us towards.

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