Astral Weather Report 7/14/2018 – Soul Mapping

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Astral Weather Report Saturday, July 14th
(It’s like daily astrology forecasts Soul Mapping Style)

Lets co-create a new more regenerative world together!

A lot of energy around the 7th Code Lately

This points at setting aside differences between people because in times of evolution there needs to be new organized efforts in order for us to succeed, for the planet and the species to thrive. We are forming new alliances, and this is a good time for that with so much creative energy .

This can also be guiding others for the betterment of the tribe, being guided, and new organizational models which compliments the Saturn Trine Uranus perfectly as well.

Moon Square Jupiter 7th

Very emotionally and creatively inspired, we can be feeling like we just want to move forward in co-creating a new and more abundance beautiful world together, but we also want to be careful not to over promise or give beyond our means today.


Mercury Conjunct moon 7th

Our hearts and our heads our feeling like everything is coming together, we can feel very aligned in a new purpose and in our creative expression as we come together with new tribe.

Saturn 58.1  Trine Venus 59.6

Researching, organizing and creating a plan for long term projects were developing, deepening our connections with a new tribe that resonates with what were working on and who were becoming.


Saturn 58.1 Trine Uranus 27.1

Taking some practical steps towards our goals and visions of the future we want to create, the ascension of the structures and foundations in our lives to better serve our refining tastes, gathering new tools for creating a better life and world together.


Lots of Quincunx’s

Some pieces just feel off, having some doubts in certain areas or wondering how its all going to come together.

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