Are you ready for more prosperity? The Mechanics Of Abundance – Soul Mechanics Podcast Episode No. 5

Ready to become that point of infinite prosperity and abundance?

In this episode we talk about the mechanics of money, current, currency, creativity, abundance, prosperity and wealth. Many are used to hearing the phrase you create your reality. We will dive deep into some of the half truths behind what you normally hear about manifesting wealth and get into the real mechanics of it all.

Discover the secrets of your soul that are coded in your DNA, and the inner arts to dive deep into the shadows to retrieve your unique inner genius. We share tools to fulfill your Soul’s purpose and live fully and authentically. We synthesize esoteric systems of the ancients with modern sciences. Sharing practical tools to thrive in prosperity doing what you love. We will explore the wisdom of plants, stars and much more. Learn the Languages of nature and the cosmos applied in practical ways for the journey of self and soul actualization. Our goal is to guide you back to your own radical self acceptance so that you can embrace your right as a sovereign co-creator.


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