9 Personal Strategies You May Be Using That Could Be Dangerous

Your mind is directly correlated to the white centers and gates in your Human Design chart! Remember the mind is a filter, a very important tool but not to be used to make our decisions. We are learning to be guided by our form consciousness and putting the mind in the passenger seat.
We must ‘stalk’ the mind and realize when we are being pulled away from our authentic energy.

Notice your mind and what it is saying or telling you about your life. Notice how the mind will continually try and make your decisions. Notice the mental dialog and how it relates to your Not-Self Undefined Centers.

*The white in our chart is a source of potential wisdom, only if we can see the conditioning and not act on it.

Not Self Strategies Open Centers Human Design Soul Mapping

Undefined Head:

I need to find something inspiring. Maybe if I go there I’ll find something inspiring. I need to find an answer to my questions. Where can I go to find the answers? Who has the answers? I’ve got to understand this and/or make sense of this. Where can I go or whom can I talk to in order to find the answers?

Undefined Ajna:

I better figure this out; we have to figure this out. What should I do with my life? I’ve got to figure out what to do with my life. Where is my next move? I am certain that ____________. I have to figure out life because it feels futile. I have to know the answer. I have to put order to my life to get rid of the chaos. I have to make this new idea a reality in my life. I better not share this because people are going to think I’m weird or strange. I’m not going to share my opinion because I don’t want to be challenged. I have to be ready for the challenge. What am I going to say?

Undefined Throat:

Where should I go so that I can get the attention I want? Is anyone noticing me? If I say this then I will be noticed. If I initiate this conversation then I will get the attention I deserve. I better say something because this silence is making me uncomfortable. What should I manifest? I better manifest something. What or who will I become in life?

Undefined G:

Who am I? Where should I go to find out who I am? Who can show me? Who am I going to love? Who is going to love me? How do I find them? Where can I find them? What am I going to do with my life? Where should I go to figure out what to do with my life? Is it there? Is it here? Where is it? Do I feel lost? Let’s go here because we might find something that will show me who I am or what to do with my life. Let’s have a relationship with this person because I will get a sense of who I am.

Undefined Heart:

I better do this because if I don’t I won’t be worthy. I have to be in control. I have to be brave. I have to pump myself up so I feel worthy and good about myself and then others will see my value. I have to be loyal so that others will see how valuable I am and so that I can prove to myself how valuable I am. Well, if I just tell it like this and make this promise then they will see how wonderful I am. If I show them how trustworthy I am then they will like me. They think I can do this so I better prove to them that I can. If I am in control then I can prove my worth. I’m not a good wife, lover, friend, son, daughter, mother or father unless I prove it.

Undefined Sacral:

Let’s keep working. We really need to get this done. We need to say yes to that otherwise we might miss out on something. I can keep going. Let me just get a cup of coffee. We can do that too. Not a problem. We’re not tired yet. I don’t want to take a nap or lie down – there’s too much to do. Let’s take care of that for them. I have to do it myself. Let’s go find a mate. Who can we take care of? Life is juicy – who wants to say no? Yes, we are doing all the work but then someone has to do it. I don’t think it’s enough yet. Boundaries? What boundaries?

Undefined Spleen:

Let’s not do that because it makes me insecure or because I’m afraid or I feel fearful every time I think about doing that thing. Let’s not say that because it might upset that person. I’m afraid that I will feel inadequate if I do that. I’m not going to do that because I might fail. I’m afraid of doing that because I’m afraid of what the outcome will be or what the future will bring or I’m afraid of the responsibility or the criticism. I can’t do that because I might lose my connection with that person. They might leave.

Undefined Solar Plexus:

I don’t want to go there because I don’t want to deal with the confrontation. Let’s go here because there won’t be any confrontation to deal with. Let’s not say that because it might upset that person. Let’s say it like this to soften the potential confrontation. Let’s be really nice and smile a lot so they like me. There is no point in going there because I might be disappointed or be rejected. It’s not worth it. I’m afraid it won’t work out so why bother? I’m afraid to tell her the truth because I don’t want to hurt her feelings.

Undefined Root:

What am I going to do to make my life better? Where is my purpose? I have to achieve something in my life. I better hurry up and get this done. I have to start something new now. How can I get past this limitation? What am I going to focus on? I need something to focus on. I need to be needed. Who needs me? Where can I go to be needed? Where is my passion? What am I passionate about? I feel like a new experience. I have to hurry up and initiate a new experience. I don’t want to waste any time. I have to get this done.

What centers do you have undefined in your Human Design chart? What are you experiencing?

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