49th Code : Metamorphosis “The Phoenix Rebirth.” 2019-02-10T13:19:10-04:00
Integrative Integral Human Design,Gene Keys,Astrology,Psychology Session

49th Code Self Illumination Path

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Interactive Embodiment

The Second Stage in the Self-Illumination Path. You will dive deep into the genetic archetype of the 49th Code in order to transform any stuck and worn out programming, trauma, and conditioning. Are you ready for a metamorphosis?


49th Code

A deep dive exploration into the 49th Code Genetic Archetype.  The 49th Code is the second stage of what has been called the Mystical Way. The path to self-actualization and the embodiment of our authentic nature. Even for those that don’t have this code in their profile, many of us have conditioning and programming around these themes.

Explore the depths of where we blindly react to emotions, traditions, norms, trauma and more. We will transmute these stuck patterns and like a caterpillar feeds off its cocoon, turn them into food and fuel for our ultimate rebirth and awakening to authenticity.

Core Features Of This Stage:

  • Transform Emotional Wounds And Stuck Patterns

  • Epigenetic  DNA Optimization

  • Work with Alchemical Plant Teachers

  • Transform Emotional Trigger Patterns

  • Transform Money and Other Resource Blocks

  • Reconnect You To Source 

What You Receive:

  • 40 Guided Binaural Mediation for Transformation and DNA Optimization

  • 1.5 Hour 49th Code Class with Thomas and Danielle 
  • In-Depth guidance for work with alchemical plant teachers

  • 15 Minute Deep Dive Multidimensional Media Video 

  • Written Course Material