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Everyone’s Journey To Embodying Their Souls Authentic Nature Is Unique.
At Soul Mapping, We Provide A Blueprint And Practical Tools That Assist You On Your Path Through The Physical, Mental, Emotional And Spiritual Realms.

Welcome To The Fam,

Relax for a moment, take of your shoes, maybe grab some tea, while we tell you a story.

Here at Soul Mapping we are creating what we always wanted.

And now we’re sharing it with you...

A Synthesis of Tools,Tricks, Hacks, and Codes

for the leaders, the change makers, the world shakers, the sensitives, the star seeds, the ones in love with exploring consciousness

This is for the children of our mother earth

Do you want to embody your infinite creative potential?

This is your hub for support, news and downloads

The latest in techniques to actualize your authentic self, to bring out and to balance your inner divine masculine and feminine.

This isn’t about new age fluff, this is for those that are ready to do the work, transmute the shadows, and get back to nature to get their hands dirty…let’s reclaim our birthrights!

A New Cosmic Shamanic and Tantric Co-Creative Alchemy to express our unique creative gifts in our lives.

You can feel safe here, we want you to be real, weep, get angry, or ecstatic

It’s all ok, just do it with Grace (don’t project it onto others)

Having a tough time relating to the world? We have tools to help!

What are we co-creating?

A Path and a Game for Soul Discovery and Embodiment

Tools to re-write our stories, weave new worlds, to thrive and feel alive!

We are Re-Writing the Cosmologies the world views, bridging the systems

With honor and respect for the earth, the ancestors and the elders, paying it forwards with a modern twist.

A new paradigm school for the future of alchemy, a connected humanity

This is where the mystical meets the scientific

It’s time for the The tele-empathic multi-dimensional human to come online!

Bringing meaning, creativity purpose and bliss back into this lucid dream we call life

An organic collective network, learning to braid our DNA into a future that’s written in the stars and coming into form by the elders who spoke us into being

We already consider you family, but what we really want is for you to come play this game with us, 

and make the leap into the next level with us so sign up for our email list above,

and we will give you a Free Class

the introduction to a Secret Language we have learned and your next steps in the game.


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Unlock Your Purpose And Potential

There are many tools out there that give the experience of awakening, but few that guide one into embodying it.

This project is sponsored by HUGS 501(c) 3 Non-profit