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A Starseed and Highly Sensitive Empath from a young age. Aion spent his early years in an in depth study into esoteric sciences, music, art and philosophy. His over-sensitivity and years of trauma shut him down emotionally from aspects of his Tele-Empathy. This lead him into exploring the darker sides of the music and festival culture along with the shadow aspects of his psyche. Finally one day after being fed up with cycles of self destruction and seeing through the dark magic in these scenes, he left normal society for a spiritual retreat.

A soul retrieval, detox, study, meditation and many other practices led quickly to a Kundalini awakening experience. After this he was divinely guided along a series of journeys and initiations. As a manifesting generator 5/1 profile, his design is that to lead, and universalize. Drawing on many years and many paths Thomas now synthesizes numerous esoteric traditions, along with integral bio-energetic medicine, detox, morphogenetic sciences, alchemy and the metaphysics of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to create a future alchemy to guide his clients into sovereignty in every area of life.

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